Complete Tree Removal

It is quite unfortunate that in some instances trees are not always able to be retained therefore they need to be removed this could be because of senescence, Disease, or the erection of a new building as well as many other factors.

We are able to assist in determining weather your tree needs to be removed or retained promptly or in the future, we can also assist in the lodgement of your application into Central Coast Council. (We Do Not Charge A Fee for this service).

Exempt Species

You may want to view the list of species that may be removed without council consent before you apply for the removal of a tree, or if your not sure on the species, we can identify it for you.

Tree Pruning and Canopy Reduction

• Crown Thinning
• Dead wooding
• Crown Reduction
• Selective Pruning
• Crown Canopy Lifting
• Remedial (Restorative) Pruning
• Reduction Pruning
• Elevated Work Platform

We have a variety of Elevating Work Platforms to perform your job ranging from truck mounted to Spider Lifts.

All Pruning work is carried out to Australian Standards AS4373 1996 Pruning of Amenity Trees and in accordance to Central Coast Council's tree Determination Order.

We are able to assist in determining weather your tree needs to be removed or retained promptly or in the future, we can also assist in the lodgement of your application into Central Coast Council. (We Do Not Charge A Fee for this service).

If you would like more Information on the Pruning of Trees on private Property please click here.

If you would like to apply to prune a tree click here.

Council Tree Assessment Notice of Determination

Have you applied to remove or prune a tree? If so you will receive a Tree Assessment Notice of Determination from the council stating the detailed work that you are required to adhere to.

We are able to assist in the Pruning and Removal of your trees at a affordable price.

Tree Replacement / Planting

This is one service that I highly recommend by any land owner and one that I promote highly in order to keep the Central Coast's Canopy percentage the same if not higher, it is quite obvious that the development of housing is at its highest in the area with limited space for medium to large trees as dwellings are placed closer or tighter to each other.

We are able to plant your new tree or trees regardless if you purchase them or if we source them for you, the decision on the correct species may be quite daunting to some when so many factors need to be considered.

Habitat Creation

As part of an active ecosystem you may be wanting to attract wildlife into your garden, weather you have a dead trunk standing or a tree in great health we are able to install habitable fixtures in order to attract wildlife into your garden.

Stump Grinding

Stumps are unsightly and obstructive if left behind. This is a service that we provide as an option with all of our tree removals and are able to grind out stump to a depth depending on weather you require to lay turf over the area or if you need to lay a 4-6inch concrete slab.

We have a variety of machines to cater for narrow access to hard to get to areas.

Total on Site Recycling / Land Clearing

Whether you need to remove a branch or clear a number of trees in preparation of a development site.

24 Hour Emergency Service

In the event of an Emergency where you suspect a tree to be threatening or if a tree or limb has fallen onto your property, we have the expertise and experience to remove the tree in a safe manner in order not to extend any further damage to your property. With over 10 years experience in supporting the SES during catastrophic winds and rain we have acquired the expertise of any complex tree removal.

10/50 Removal Legislation

Are you in a designated 10/50 area?  If your land is within a 10/50 entitlement area, the scheme allows you to clear underlying vegetation (except Trees) within 50 metres of a home without seeking approval and clear trees within 10 metres of a home without approval.

There are constant changes to this ruling therefore it is highly advised that you research your property and the recent rulings.

For more info an updates on rulings click here.

Or to check if you are in a 10/50 area click here.

Fire Wood Supplies

Lets face it, Fire wood is becoming harder to find specially if it is free. Because we run on a tight time frame moving from one job to the other it is in our interest to off load our trucks sooner rather than transport timber over long distances, therefore we offer a free firewood service when available.

Need Firewood? Give us a call and we may be able to help.

Mulch Supplies

Why mulch my Garden?

Mulch will significantly  -

• reduce the control of weeds
• Retain Moisture
• Stop Soil Erosion
• Aesthetics
• Control Pests
• Encourage Microorganisms and Earthworms
• Prevents soil compaction
• Reduces Damage around trees caused by lawn mowers & Whipper snippers

There are a number of great reasons why we should mulch our gardens, leaf mulch is a great way to keep the moisture in the soil it stops the soil from drying out from the hot Australian sun forming a blanket over the soil keeping it cool underneath, as mulch is broken down by microorganisms and worms it provides nutrients to the soil which in turn is taken up by the surrounding plants, ideally a top–up should be done every 1-2 years.

We can deliver or leave behind some mulch if required.

Insurance Policies

All jobs conducted are supported by an ongoing in date insurance policy, a current insurance policy is held at all time covering your property against any unforeseen accidents and or injury to the public or our employees.

Please click below to view our Certificates.

Workers Compensation Certificate
Public Liability Insurance Certificate